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Unlike other 'green' architects, designers, and consultants, Jenda Michl has an actual degree in 'treehugging', with a B.A. in Environmental Studies earned in 2002 at Eckerd College. He is a lifelong environmentalist who recalls turning the compost at age 5, and recently was the construction LEED coordinator to the new LA County Library in Topanga, CA.


With the background in environmental studies and knowledge that buildings are responsible for consuming the majority of the world's energy, it is especially gratifying to utilize discarded goods and scrap in projects. The AoSA and Melody Lounge projects are excellent examples, as many of the materials used in them were scrap, waste, and/or reclaimed. Other such projects have included furniture, product displays in Whole Foods, and pop-up art galleries for Brand X using the waste stream of their own printing facility.

Sustainability is the core of Vertu Studio

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