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So you've decided to hire an architect, good choice!  (if not, click just above :-)


Why choose Vertu Studio?

Because you value quality over quantity, enjoy experienced and professional guidance, and want your project to be successful.  Do your research on us, visit our Yelp page and read our testimonials, like this one:


"Jenda is a truly BRILLIANT talented architect. Not only that, he is a strong TEAM member and a LEADER who takes a stand for the projects he takes on. Choosing to work with him was the best decision I've made in getting my yoga studio off the ground. He is professional, focused, creative and detail oriented and is exceptionally organized. I can't imagine, in retrospect, doing the project with out him. Every time we interact he brings real (ie: dollar) value that far exceeds his fees." - Annie Ory, Owner - YogaRIOT


You are looking for an architect because you want something special, something unique, something better, something YOU. Partner with an architectural design firm known for turning constraints into assets with affordable, pragmatic design solutions, refined to the point of art.​


For businesses, a well designed, highly functional space affects your bottom line (ask to see the 35 page Workplace Survey by Gensler). Not only does it define how your clients and customers view your entire organization, but it raises the productivity and happiness of your staff.


For residences, you can't put a price tag on the feeling of truly feeling AT HOME.


​Begin with an exploration of what could be done, with no commitment from you for anything more. We can create plans, drawings, 3D models and renderings of what your building/project could be. Even if you choose not to move forward immediately, you'll have the images as a goal to work toward in the future, or as a means to raise funds.​


We work quickly and affordably; this could all be in your hands before you know it!

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